STREAMLINE® OVA8® Carbon Pole 10 section, 60 foot long for 63 foot reach, ECOLINE™

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The flat sides of the OVA8® Pole will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one window to another or ‘bouncing off the glass’ motions. Operators will be more productive and will be able to work safer – both for themselves and for others around them.

Please see the specifications of the 60ft OVA8® Pole below:

  • Number of Sections: 10
  • Minimum Length: 2,270mm / 7ft
  • Maximum Pole Length: 18,288mm / 60ft
  • Achievable Height: 63ft / 19.2m
  • Weight (Pole Only): 3.80kg
  • Pole Tubing Length: 20mtr

This package includes a brush, a 6mm male adaptor and a pack of two pencil jets.

‘Warning: These poles are manufactured from 100% carbon fibre material which is a conductor of electricity. Not to be used near electrical lines’


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STREAMLINE® OVA8® Carbon Pole 10 section, 60 foot long for 63 foot reach, ECOLINE™